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Setting Up Your Evaporative Air Cooler the Right Way

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Setting Up Your Evaporative Air Cooler the Right Way

Setting Up Your Evaporative Air Cooler the Right Way

Many people setup their evaporative air coolers on the roof tops & fix the blowers which push the air thru the discharge cooler. Setting up the device onto the top of your roof can be an inexpensive choice. However, it may also have multiple disadvantages. A few of these include leakage within the ceiling area, getting onto the rooftop for maintaining your unit, as well as the possibility of corrosion on the frame work which is intended to actually support the air cooler.

Prior to setting up your Outdoor air cooler, ensure to examine the building conducts of your region. After checking the guidelines, you can determine the location and mark your opening. Then, create a platform of wood/iron to connect the platform with the opening. While fixing your platform, ensure that the structural framework stays intact. The opening size along with the structure depends upon the procedures which come along with your evaporative air cooler.

After the platform is properly fixed, rent the equipment which will place the cooler onto its platform. In case you’ve purchased a smaller one, then you may hire some persons in order to lift your air cooler & keep it onto the platform. Go thru the user manual which comes along with the unit for checking the spacers which can be utilized in the middle of your cooler & the platform. It’s wise to support the unit with guy wires. This will stop the winds from affecting your device.

See the water tube size which you will require for connecting the unit to the source of water. You could utilize the saddle valve for connecting the tube to water supply unit as it’ll ensure continuous supply of low amount of water towards the device. After linking the tube link the electrical wires with the power supply using suitable conduits.

Know the city codes for finding out whether the wiring is possible by you or not. Otherwise, hire an expert to do this job.

If you’ve purchased a new system, connect the motor adjusting the tension within the belt. For an older unit, motor typically comes connected & you need to make minor changes to the fan belt. Once the motor and the fan belt has been fixed, ensure that the ducting is fitted properly & the vents are open. Turn the water supply on & set proper water supply by adjusting the float valve. After checking all the contacts, turn on your evaporative air cooler, correct the vents for getting the preferred air supply.